Senior partner and Founder David S. McCreary served as General Counsel for over a decade and was recognized by The Association of Corporate Counsel in 2010 as a finalist for “Outstanding Chief Legal Officer” and the legal department he built was recognized as an “Outstanding Small Law Department” by D Magazine in 2010. He carries this experience into private practice and develops a trusted advisor relationship with his clients by attaining a working understanding of the client’s business and by handling the client’s legal affairs in a thorough and diligent manner.

Our firm helps privately held businesses that do not have a full time General Counsel. Instead of retaining different attorneys for different matters, our clients gain a competitive advantage by having an outside general counsel relationship with us to handle the various legal matters that may occur from the normal operation of their business.

Our relationships with our clients go beyond the typical attorney-client dynamic. We become an integral part of a business’s strategic planning and risk management process, working alongside management teams helping your business achieve its goals.

In our role as outside general counsel, we typically receive the first call when our clients encounter business issues with legal implications. Acting as trusted advisors to our clients, we work quickly and effectively to implement the right solutions and resolve the matter at hand with an eye toward the future. Each step of the way, we weigh the potential costs and benefits of each suggested approach and action.

Developing and implementing strategies for commercial agreements, managing employment related risks, protecting and enforcing your intellectual property rights, helping facilitate mergers and acquisitions, guiding you through real estate transactions, conducting internal investigations, managing litigation and ensuring that your business is at peak health are all things that fall under our watchful eye.

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