What Others Say

What Others Say

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Carl Doerksen, Generational Equity

I have found David to be very helpful and full of good insights in his role as Chief Legal Officer with Generational Equity. He has worked closely with me to ensure that our external communications are on-point. He has always provided me with great input on every project we have worked on together. His intelligence and candor make him a real pleasure to work with.

Jeffrey R. Smith, PrimeSource Mortgage

David is an extraordinary attorney. I expected excellence in every aspect of that relationship, and I was not disappointed. His deep knowledge allowed for good discovery work, and laid the framework to deliver the results my firm was looking to achieve.

I recommend David with the highest level of confidence.

Corporate Client

David McCreary helped our company to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars while utilizing a complex risk reward matrix to help us determine which cases stood the highest potential for recovery with the least amount of liability exposure and legal fees; the man is a brilliant business minded no nonsense attorney.

Duane Coker, Attorney

I have worked with David on multiple occasions, including on one, very complex, very high-stakes case, and have been impressed by his skills as a litigator and case manager. Most importantly to me was David's passion for, and commitment to, his clients. He's a top-notch lawyer and I recommend him without reservation.

Corporate Client

Our company first hired Mr. McCreary several years ago to handle a corporate acquisition for our company. When the seller tried to back out of certain obligations, David explained the risks and rewards of. pursuing damages in arbitration. He was able to quickly analyze and explain the case to our management team from both a business and legal perspective so we could make an informed decision how to proceed. Once the case was started, David quickly anticipated the seller's legal strategy and seemed to plan 5-10 steps ahead most of the time. After working with David on this case and others, I have grown to respect and trust him with our company's important legal issues. I recently read in the Dallas Business Journal that he was named as one of the Best Corporate Counsel in Dallas by his peers and I fully agree with that assessment. My company and I endorse him as one of the best attorneys we have ever worked with.

Jake Poore, President, Integrated Loyalty Systems

My team and I were brought in to help David and his team build an explicit service culture for their M&A clients. I worked with David closely over a 2-year period on very challenging customer situations and found David to be honest, grounded, customer-focused while a good steward of company resources, and at the end of the day he was always seeking the high road for both parties. How many legal councils can you say that about? David breaks the negative lawyer stereotype. The thing I liked best about David, he was always looking at the long term reputation and impact on his company, versus those who just go for episodic quick fixes.

Kim Moore, Partner, Strasburger & Price

I have worked with David on complex legal situations and have found him to be passionate, innovative and diligent.